WordPress Theme Colours Vote – Blue vs Gray

Over at the WordPress Developers for Nokia blog, the guys have recently posted a couple of examples of themes for their WordPress for Symbian Client. Gray, and Blue, but which do you prefer? I voted Blue, but the Gray theme appears to be getting the majority of the voting so far.

Head across to the WordPress Developer site today, and cast your vote. Its been really interesting, and great fun to be apart of the build of the Official WordPress for Symbian Client, and the team sent me some goodies recently thanking me for my continued support, which was nice. I got a Moleskin notebook, and a superb Cycle water bottle, made of Lexan polycarbonate material, its quite impressive.

And my Moleskin WordPress Branded Notebook :)

Massive Kudos to Anssi Makela of the Nokia Dev team for these, it makes working on theOfficial WordPress Client for Symbian so much more. I will certainly be putting my Moleskin to good use thats for sure.!

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    Regarding the wordpress colour out of blue or grey. Definitely 100% blue. I always prefer the colour because we live in an age where technology always seems to mainly come in either silver, grey, and black with the word sleek before them. Personally, I think lacking in colour is boring and colour refreshes the eye and makes one realise how life is refereshing with vibrant colours. Thanks heavens for Dell who makes gorgeous colourful laptops etc as every other company appears to stick with the usual mono colours. Come on everyone refresh those eyes and mind and tap in to some colour I promise you when things get boring – those longhaul seminars or meetings your eyes will definitely be drawn towards colour and will help to momentarily waken one up otherwise you’ll drift in to an eye-open state of sleep.