WordPress for Symbian Development Build Released prior toV 0.7

If you are interested in taking part, and helping the Official WordPress near its final release, head over to the WordPress Development Blog and download the latest Development Build of WordPress for Symbian.


This latest Dev Build seems to have issues adding a live url, so I have just let the WordPress team know about that.

Its the WordPress Nokia Developers team’s openness about building the Official WordPress Application for Nokia which makes helping, and taking part in testing there work on my Nokia fun, and quite interesting. You don’t need any technical knowledge as such to take part and help build this application, so why not head over to the link above, and start testing.

The sooner issues are ironed out, the sooner the WordPress for Symbian will be finished, polished, and ready for primetime.

If you do decide to help, and test this software, please report any issues you may have in the threads within the WordPress Blog, or submit a bug ticket. Remember to include as much information about your issue, or bug found, detailing which Nokia device you are using to test the software on, which firmware its running, and of course if you could supply screenshots, and a breakdown of how the bug, issue, or error was found.

Good Luck!

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