@WOMWorldNokia The Nokia Helix Will be the Nokia Device in 10 Years from Now.

WomWorldNokia are running a Friday Fun Competition where you can bag some Nokia, and Ovi goodies, to win, all you have to do, is tell them what you think the Nokia device in a decade’s time will look like. Tweet your answer, or link to your images, or Blogposts to @WOMWorldNokia and use the hashtag #FutureNokia, Good luck.!

Here is my entry….

The Nokia Helix

Tens years time, The Nokia device will be worn in ear, with microphone in a neckchain, taking voice from your throat . It’s called Nokia Helix.Basically, it will look like a ball-bearing(un-illuminated) in your ear, coming in a choice of chromed finished colours, with a multi-coloured single OLED behind the convex shaped exterior, which when illuminated certain colours, indicates not only that the wearer is taking a call, but also displaying the wearers mood too.

The microphone for this OLED Ball ear-piece will be worn around the neck in a snug, but very nice looking neck-chain, again coming in various colours, and boasting a small OLED flexible narrow screen looking/sender on the same side as your ear piece (whichever preference).This screen looking surface actually transmits your voice and interacts with ATM’s, electronic ticket sales, and computers that the wearer wishes to use, there would be no need for actual contact with any other machine.

The combination of the ear-piece, and neck controller basically is your EDPID (Electronic Data Personal IDentification), but not only this, the neck sender, which looks ike a flexible OLED Display will also transmit an image via lazer to any surface, displaying the old-fashioned qwerty should a user prefer this method of input for various activities. It will also transmit your phones content, and menu infrastructure, which you control, and browse through using motion, and gestures. The neck control also reads these gestures you make with your hands in front of you, (Minority Report Style) too.

Basically, in 10 years from now, this is what The Nokia Helix will look like. Helix is part of our DNA structure (under a microscope of course), and Helix will be the first Nokia that repels against the Selfish Gene in all our human bodies..

Images Thanks to Google public Images, altered slightly via PS.

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  • Rafe

    Interesting vision, might take more than 10 years to move away from current patterns though (though who knows with how fast things move). Thinking back 10 years there’s not been that much chnage in displays (well bigger etc), so I guess some revolutionary is ‘due’. Name defintely has a resonance.

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