Unboxing: White Nokia Lumia 900 Arrives

The Nokia Lumia 900 has been on sale for two weeks across America in black and cyan. The cyan has sold out already and customers are waiting on the stock to be replenished.

However, for some of you, Cyan is not what you are waiting for and you are holding out for that elusive White Storm Trooper aka the White Nokia Lumia 900.

Well, wait no more, it has arrived, albeit in little pockets around the country. It will officially be on sale from tomorrow but can be found on sale, out there, for those keen of heart. We suggest you call and get the appropriate store to reserve you a white one rather than trek all the way, only to be disappointed, as stock is moving very quickly.

Do remember that the discount for the $99 rebate ends today, so do try to find one if you can. Good Luck.

However, for those of you who just wants to take a peak at the unboxing video, here is one that has come in recently from a store purchase. So, this is the real thing and not a prototype unboxing that you may have come across elsewhere.

It would appear that you do not get a case in the box. I did get a case in the box with my Black Nokia Lumia 800. We know the white is a glorious shiny glossy white finish but hey, we still think it should come with a case.


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