Three UK Head Count 9.1m As It Heads to 4G

threeThree UK has added nearly 1million customers to their subscriber base bringing customer numbers to 9.05million as it heads towards the launch of 4G services.

The year ending 2012 brought Three an 11 percent rise in customers with an increase in UK revenues of 9 percent to £1.9bn.

Fifty-eight percent of Three’s customer base are contract customers and this is a healthy output in the lead up to launching 4G services in the summer.

Three CEO Dave Dyson said: “Our consistent and strong growth reflects our passion for and focus on providing a great smartphone experience. In the past few months we have more than doubled our spectrum holdings and invested in upgrading our network with Ultrafast technology. This investment in network capability and quality further strengthens our customer experience and our opportunity for continued growth.”

Three CFO Richard Woodward added: “We’ve added nearly a million customers while simultaneously increasing revenue and profitability.  To achieve strong growth in all three of these areas at the same time makes us particularly proud.  Our continued success in 2012 has been driven by our increasing scale, based on a growing number of profitable, satisfied customers. This, combined with efficient cost management, ensures that our top line growth is converted into earnings.”

Earlier in the year Three stated that they listened to their customers and will bring in 4G services as standard to their customers. Alternate providers at home and overseas are charging around 20 per cent more for 4G.

The race for 4G customers will begin earnest over the summer when Three joins O2 and Vodafone in offering the new service offering ultra speed downloads. EE has to-date enjoyed six months of relative freedom to charge whatever price they deemed suitable. The joining of the other three big services may see EE offer some better alternatives when it has some real competition.

Are you enjoying the 4G network? Or are you holding out to see what the other networks will provide?


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