The Nokia N95 Still Has Plenty of Life Left Given it’s 3 Years Old

Recently I sold my N97 as many of you already know already, which left me with my White Nokia N86, a stunning phone in its own right, but seeing as my lovely wife was attracted to it, I kindly gave her the N86 in return for my old N95-1 back to tide me over until I get my new iPhone 4 next month, and although its 3 years old now, the N95 Classic still performs very well in the Camera department when compared to similar 5mp mobile devices available today in 2010.

During a recent walk nearby to our new apartment I took my old N95 with me to take some snaps, and thought I’d share them with you today, as Im sure you will agree, the N95 still takes great photos. Running V35 firmware, my N95 performs very well in most areas, and although still captures great photos, and video, it makes me ponder why Nokia have not continued with this wave of success that the N95 brought to the world, riding the wave with more, and more cutting edge devices?

I know the Upcoming Nokia N8 Symbian^3 device, which is Camera centric, boasting its 12mp camera, and boasting a Xenon flash, but why has it taken Nokia 3 years to come out with this tech? The N82, which I have previously owned, and that too boasting a Xenon flash is still favored by a surprising amount of Nokia Users considering the N82 is also aging.

Speaking to several people who prefer Xenon with their Camera-phone, its interesting to hear that most still prefer keyed devices too, and some are saying they will be sticking with their N82, or their Nokia 6220c which yes, boasts a Xenon flash. (Not many people know this), and won’t be getting an N8 due to the fact they don’t like a touch only device.

Opportunity missed in a big way with the Nokia N86 I feel. If only Nokia had added a Xenon flash to the N86, im certain that the N86 would of been as successful as the 2007 N95 for sure. Talking about the N86, Nokia have announced that the N86 will be the last dual slider form-factor coming from Nokia too, which has sparked many a protest within the forums.

Recently, Nokiausers member Buzx777 posted a public poll in the Nokiausers forums, asking their readers “Is xenon flash important to you / do you hope more handsets from nokia use it?”

You can chime in and vote for your choice from the preselected options here.

Back to my N95 photos from Kuopio as mentioned earlier. As you can see, the N95 still performs very well indeed.

So, as you can see, great photos still being captured on my N95-1. My upcoming iPhone 4 also boasts a 5MP camera, so what I plan on doing, is put together a photo side by side comparison for you all, just to see if Apples iPhone 4′s 5MP camera is any better that my 3 year old Nokia N95 Classic’s 3 year old camera.

Talking about my iPhone 4, although I don’t have it yet, and still have a painful 3 to 4 weeks wait until I do, I have recently received a case I purchased for it, its the Belkin Grip, Clear Vue, which has currently only given me an idea of the iPhone 4′s actual size.

I will also be doing my best to get some side by side comparison shots once my iPhone arrives.

So what are your thoughts to the N95 3 years on? Do you still use an Nokia N95, N82, or 6220c? How do you feel about Xenon, and touch screen only devices? Do you prefer keyed devices?

Thanks for reading.!

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  • Steve Rowlands

    Completely agree Micky. If you can get along with T9 text input, then the N95 can still cut it with most other T9 based phones these days. What was also great about the N95 was that almost all of it’s problems were (eventually) ironed out in firmware upgrades, which proves the N95 was formidable hardware for it’s time.

    Unfortunately, once Nokia had released the N95, and it blowing away anything that preceded it, Nokia took a ‘job done’ attitude, failed to see the competition on the horizon, and seemed to stall in their innovation department.

    Things are looking up though. The N8 hardware is testament to that. If only they could nail down their software strategy, maybe Nokia will be great again. One day.

    • Micky

      Bang on there Steve, agree totally.

  • Kevin Neely

    I still charge up my N82 for when I am going out with friends at night, if I think I’ll want to take pictures. Nothing beats it for shots in dark bars or clubs.

  • Aditya Singhvi

    This is something Nokia loyalists like you, me, CJ and a lot more have been saying for a long time.

    I still have a N82 in pretty good condition which I am still using. And i trust it to click better photos than any of the 5MP camera phones I have.

    Xenon flash was the reason why I purchased two of them. Had the N86 come with xenon flash, I would have definitely leaped at it and been a happy man. But alas, Nokia chose a different path and we know what the consequences of that were.

    The N95 was the first big step from Nokia and since then there haven’t been too many.

    I guess many will agree that Nokia spread itself too much and as a result became jack of all, but master of none.

    • Micky

      Thanks for your comment, it is a dying shame Nokia never listened back in the day, as everyone was looking for a camera flagship with Xenon, and thought the N86 was that, but with no Xenon, although still a great device, many were put off. Now the N8 comes along, and its obvious now that Nokia is now listening, but not everyone is comfortable with a touch only device for their camera phone needs.

  • Mirand

    I still use my N95 8GB despite having to disable 3G to keep it from restarting, the camera and form factor are that important to me.

    Last month, I got a 5230 to hold me over until a “real” N-series replacement comes along. After 2 days, it was easy to get the hang of using a touchscreen T9 pretty well. Still, I’d take a hardware keypad any day – not a qwerty, but a numeric. Many people take pride in texting and dialing without having to look at the screen often.

  • Dara

    I’ve been using my N95-3 every day since I picked it up in late 2007.

    Still top notch hardware, and people still can’t believe the pictures are from a phone. It came along on my honeymoon and I shot about 350 pictures with it.

    Also, I think that the phone has paid for itself with all the VOIP calling I’ve done with it. I pine for the days of free Truphone calls.

    • Micky

      Great to hear, and I totally agree, its the one device Nokia got right, and put them ahead of the game. I just wish they could repeat that feat with their next flagship.

  • Ketty Robinson

    Great post!! I have been using N95 since 2 year. It is just amazing I have no complains. Its picture, video quality is best and very easy access to net. I just love my phone.