The Nokia CP-322 – Nokia N86 8MP Carry Case from

The Nokia CP-322 N86 8MP Carry Case is a simple, yet effective way of protecting your prized Nokia N86, keeping it safe from scratches from daily transportation methods, be it in your pockets, to your car glovebox etc, this case will keep your N86 screen safe from scratches, and more importantly, protect that 8MP Camera too.

Now whilst the N86 is supposed to boast an glass anti-scratch screen cover, people are still managing to accidentally scratch their N86 glass, and we all know how frustrating it is when you get a small mark, or scratch on your favorite devices screen.

This stylish Nokia CP-322 Case from may not completely protect your N86, as its more a sleeve than a case, as with your N86 fitted in the CP-322, the one side of the N86 is still open to the elements, and vulnerable, but is still a popular choice of protection for obvious reasons.

With your N86 fitted in theCP-322, you no longer have to worry about any work surface you lay your device on, as this case does protect front and back of your N86.

Sliding your White, or Indigo N86 into the CP-322 is very straight forward, and removing it, you have to push it out from the opposite side as its quite a nice, and tight fit.

Inside this case, the material is of very soft texture, offering optimal protection to your device.

This particular case have sent me for review is the light grey version, but they do sell a black version also for the N86. More N86 Cases

Micky’s Star Rating (out of 10) I give The Nokia CP-322 Case a 7. (Mainly due to not a full protection case).

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