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When it comes to mobile phone cases, there literately is endless amounts available from many sources, and outlets, all ranging from different levels of build, quality, colour, and materials used. My previous X6 case review was a simplistic silicon back cover, which I really liked, however, this leatherette case Im about to review is nothing short of a really poor example of case available.

This Leatherette full enclosure X6 Case from is trying to be an Executive case for the Nokia X6, but fails in several ways. More X6 Cases here.

1. The choice of materials are poor, and will wear very quickly.
2. The white outer stitching looks terrible, and would of looked much better if this was black to match the leatherette.
3. Ill fitting overall, with what look like rushed attempts to make this case fit the X6, and I’m sure this case was originally for a different handset altogether.
4. Again, along with the ill fitting, the so called cutouts for camera capture key is none existent, and the same can be said about the volume rocker switch cutout too, its awful.

So what does this case benefit an X6 owner?

Well, if you don’t mind all the above shortcomings, and are looking for something to simply protect your Nokia X6, and nothing more, then this case would suffice.

The Camera lenes cutout is fine on the rear of the device, but as mentioned, the camera capture key is somewhat obscured by the design of the case.

This case, as mentioned in my post title, is indeed a full closure case, and with that, i refer to you being able to close it, protecting your X6 screen whilst carrying it, the cover closes using a simple magnetic fastening, but as to carrying, thats exactly what you will have to do, as there is no belt clip on the rear of the case, or hoop for your belt either.

On the inside front flap, you have two dedicated areas, for either spare sim cards, or memory cards, and behind these is a larger storage compartment for banknotes, or alike.

The X6 becomes a much bigger device too when fitted in this case, so fitting it in your trouser pocket is not possible, and I can only see this fitting in large outer jacket pockets.

Micky’s Star Rating (out of 10) = 2

You can find many more X6 Cases over at

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