The Black John’s Phone Has Arrived For Review – Any Questions?

That’s right, I now have a review item in hand, and ready to take any questions you may have on this simplistic mobile phone.

The John’s Phone is targeted towards both the elderly, and disabled users, but also to anyone really who thinks most mobile phones today are just, well, just complicated. This is the void that John’s Phone is meant to fill, so lets take a look at it.

Told you, it’s a very simplistic handset, and the small screen on the top of the device is really only there to assist setting it up, and getting the quick dial numbers set up for your parents, grandparents, or friend, although having said that, there are some basic visuals, but are not really anything to shout about. This in itself opens another void for this device. Blind, and partially sighted users, as John’s Phone operates with audible notifications whatever you do on the phone, from pressing the numeral keypad, and side controls, although the volume up and down simply beeps the same beep, with no indication when you are at full volume, or at the lowest volume setting. Odd, but I will cover this, and more in my upcoming review.

I will go into more detail on the John’s Phone in the coming days, but wanted to offer you the chance to fire away any questions you may have on this particular handset. So don’t be shy, fire away, and ask, or suggest anything you wish for me to try out on John’s Phone in the comments below.

First impressions personally with John’s Phone is pretty much what I expected really, cheap feeling, bulky, and simple. These three factors alone may ring the bells of welcomed features to many a user who gets confused with over complicated mobile phones these days, phones that break easily if dropped, and too flashy.

If I don’t see you before, have a fabulous Christmas, and may I wish you all the very best for 2011.

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