Do You Install Android Apps On Your PlayBook?


So you have your sexy, shiny new PlayBook and the next question is “Will I install Android apps on my PB?”. If you don’t you should! I will list the reasons for hacking it and doing so.

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More Than 70,000 Apps Promised At Launch!


Monday, during an interview with Forbes Magazine, RIM chief marketing officer Frank Boulben stated that there will be more than 70,000 apps available at the launch of BlackBerry 10. Though this is [Read more...]

BeWeather For Blackberry Review


Yesterday I downloaded BeWeather for my BlackBerry in anticipation of severe weather and I need to be informed of warnings at work. Very few weather applications offer push notifications of bad weather and BeWeather does. [Read more...]

Star Trek PADD for iPad Updated Now Available for iPhone

star trek

Star Trek Trekkie Fans and Sci-Fi fans unite all over the world and rejoice, for your very own PADD  (Personal Access Display Device) has arrived.

Incidentally, did you know that Nokia had a product placement in Star Trek along with a Nokia Star Trek Communicator? Read more...

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BlackBerry PlayBook – PlayLater Review

As you may recall, I wrote a piece detailing how to get streaming on your BlackBerry PlayBook and included a review of one of my favorite applications “PlayOn”. A few days later, [Read more...]

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