Steve Jobs Building Proposal to Cupertino City Council

What can I say, for a small start up firm that was founded when I was just 6 years old, 1st April 1976, Apple has indeed pushed the boundaries of not just technology, but changed the ways people use portable devices today.

From the iPad innovation, which I personally couldn’t quite get my head round at first, but now seeing schools, and even medical professionals using iPads on a day to day basis, I get it now.

All of this without even mentioning the iPhone, iPod, or MacBooks.

Today I have just watched the video embedded below, where Mr Steve Jobs puts his proposal to the Cupertino City Council of plans of a new Apple Campus building, which can only be described as a spaceship type designed building.

Not only would this building house 12k+ Apple staff, it also reduces on surface car parking, with underground parking, but also increases the landscape surrounding it, with forest, and newly planted trees.

I’m no Apple fanboy, as you can see, this is my Nokia blog, and I on more than one occasion posted about Apple related content here simply because ever since I purchased an iPhone 4 to learn from, and see what Nokia’s competition were up to, I have been nothing but impressed

Check out the video below, and I’m sure you too will agree, that Apples footprint on our planet we call home, just made history!


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