Star Trek Into Darkness Movie App for iPhone And Android

star trek into darknessThe movie screening of ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ creeps steadily closer and along with it, travels my excitement.

I was unsure prior to the last movie if I could accept a new ‘Kirk’ (Chris Pane) or ‘Mr Spock’ but the actors blended into their roles particularly well and I look forward to seeing them recapture the essence that is Star Trek.



However, before we arrive and as a compliment to the movie, Paramount has launched  the Official Star Trek Into Darkness app, available for Android and iPhone devices. The app offers location-based experiences in addition to the offer of rewards of content and media upon watching the movie. There is an image scan allowing fans to interact with print or real-world images, video, images and wallpapers also feature.



Head on over to  your local Android or iPhone app store to pick up a copy of the app.

Star Trek Into Darkness arrives to the cinema on 17 May 2013.

Download Link Star Trek App for iPhone / Android

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