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The problem with Social Networks is that you are not only bound by them but that you are also restricted in your efforts to socialise with users on other social platforms.

SNUpload (Social Network Upload) aims to break those ties that bound you, and those walls that segregate you from your networks, friends, acquaintances, family, colleagues and business associates.

As an example, I enter into my Facebook app and I can easily and quickly post a photo or status update to my friends and family. However, be aware that my photo or status update will remain bound to Facebook, never to be seen or heard about outside of those walls.

If you are a social butterfly, you may have several Facebook Accounts, Pages or Groups that cover different aspects of your life and you may wish to cross-post youramongst them. To do this you will need to upload your photo or status update to every page or group, on an individual basis. This is a ridiculous method to keep your accounts synchronised or updated with the same information.

Now lets travel along to Twitter and view the situation. Here, we find that the same problems exists. If you add a new tweet, your Twitter status is updated, however, that update remains sealed within the walls of Twitter. There is no way to have your Tweet sent out to several social networks at the same time, for example to your Dropbox account, Flickr, Facebook and Evernote.

The problem of status alerts laying stagnant and bound within one network or another is increasingly frustrating to the user. Firstly, there is a need to sign into, or open individual apps before you can send a status update, only to find that friends elsewhere will not see that fantastic image or status alert, of your breakfast.

Such is the existence of social networks, that it feels similar to shooting a photo on holiday that you wish to share amongst your friends who are unable to be with you. And so, you send the image to Jimmy who has a Facebook account, you then send it to Sharon who does not have a Facebook account but she does have a Flickr account, and finally you send the image to Harry who has neither a Flickr or Facebook account but he does have a Dropbox account. How simple would it be to send everyone the photo, at the same time, in one instance, by sending the photo just once?

This is the groundwork upon which SNUpload is built. SNUpload brings all your social networks together into one place. Forget about travelling from app to app to update your status, with SNUpload you update all your social networks in one go whether it be a photo or status update.


SNUpload has been out for a few months now and has been receiving some great reviews but at the heart of SNUpload is its speed, simplicity and ease of use.


The developers, JC Mobile Solutions CC, update SNUpload on a regular basis. This brings new additions and networks into the service, whilst at the same time maintaining its three core functions, speed, simplicity and ease of use.

At present, SNUpload caters for Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook pages and Facebook groups. Additional social networks are being added on a regular basis and we can expect more to arrive. In addition, several options are available to personalise SNUpload including colour options and image resize.

New to SNUpload is the ability to edit your photo before updating your status by adding effects, some of which include filters and crop capability.

A social network account only needs to be added once to SNUpload to enable regular access to update that accounts status or any other accounts which may have been added.

SNUpload uses the latest security services to protect your passwords and accounts and uses the industry standard OATH for authorisation. At no time does SNUpload have access to your social network accounts names or passwords’.

SNUpload is available in the Windows Phone marketplace for £0.99 and includes a 3 day free trial for you to evaluate its service.

SNUpload ‘How to’ guide

The team at would recommend SNUpload to every windows phone customer. SNUpload is for the user who does not wish to be tied to using individual ‘walled’ apps to update their status’. Why waste time travelling in and out of apps when one app can do it all? SNUpload is the app that takes care of your status. Read our SNUpload ‘How to’ guide.

Download the latest SNUpload here: Windows Phone Store Download link




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