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Welcome to the Review on the Trust Laptop Stand from I’m sure many of you out there that have also reviewed items from various sources, you occasionally find yourself with an item to review, and you don’t really have much in the way of positive things to say about it.  This is one of those moments. First, this is what tells us about this Stand.

The Trust Laptop Stand Xstream is ideal for people who use a laptop at their desk. It has a 5 step height-adjustable aluminum chasis to bring your notebook screen to a ergonomic viewing height and distance. This is essential for long periods of laptop use and will allow you to organize your desk for enhanced productivity.

Key Features
- 5 step height-adjustable notebook stand with sturdy reinforced aluminum inlay to bring your notebook screen to a ergonomic viewing height and distance
- X shape for better airflow which improves the cooling efficiency of your notebook
- Protective rubber pads prevents your notebook from sliding and scratching
- Lightweight, flat and foldable design that easily fits your notebook bag
- Suitable for any notebook with screen size up to 17.4″


Ok, first things first, as getting my initial findings with the Trust Laptop Stand out the way first, it will save you time from having to read my post here to find out that, this Laptop Stand is unsuitable for either a 15.4″, or 17″ laptop, and I can only recommend the Trust Laptop Stand for 13″ or smaller laptops, and netbooks.


Having said this though, if your looking for a cheap laptop stand to simply angle your laptop on a desk while you use an external keyboard, and mouse, then it may just suffice for that use. I would not recommend you try and use your laptop whilst in this stand due to reasons show below in my video demo.

Placing either my 17″ MacBook Pro, or Acer Aspire 5110 onto the stand, they both do not sit firm enough onto the stand with the screen opened, no matter what angle I set it, and in fact are both are very unusable, and would only recommend the Trust Xtream stand for smaller netbooks as mentioned.  Check out my video below for my demo on the instability of this stand with larger Laptops.

The construction of the Trust Laptop Stand is completely hard plastic, with a very thin layer of aluminum on the top surface, and the addition of four non-slip feet, and anchor cushions.. It’s shaped in an X shape, and the two lower parts of this X form house flip out anchor points to hold your laptop in place. See my video above to see how to open and close these.


The tilting, rising of the Trust laptop Stand elevates to five different positions, and as mentioned earlier, is find for smaller laptops, and if you are looking for a cheap desk tidy stand to keep your closed MacBook whilst you use a Magic Mouse, and Wireless keyboard, it should be fine.

I would like to thank, and for sending me this review item, and I’m sad that i could not write a more positive review about it.

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