Review: Skype for Nokia Lumia and other Windows Phone

This is my review on the Skype application for Windows Phone. My name is Lewis Dimelow.

I use a Nokia Lumia 800, hence being on NokiaDNA, but my review is for ALL makes of Windows Phone.

Already, I can say it’s a lot smoother than the beta application. Now, we have the capabilities to block contacts and also add contacts, which are features we didn’t have in the beta, obviously.

The video call option to me does seem a little pointless as there is no front facing camera on any other Windows Phone devices that I know of, aside from the Lumia 900. However, I have used the video calling option to test it out, and the person on the other end doesn’t lag over a Wi-Fi connection. I’m yet to try over the mobile network to test the video quality of the video being received.

The calling option is something I love though as when I’m not on the PC, I can call people from outside of the house on my phone as I have done an ordinary voice call via a 3G signal. The quality of the image seems to me as good as it does over Wi-Fi. In the beta, I did have quite a bit of problem with making SOME voice calls as a few calls using the beta seemed to lag a little, whereas this full version has had no problems as of yet, fingers crossed.

Being able to view the contacts profiles you have is another good thing, in my opinion. I know you could do it in the beta, but it would seem Skype have made brilliant use of the Metro layout of Windows Phone’s operating system.

I think the application could be made better by adding the feature to delete previous conversations you’ve had to make it look a little tidier, as well as being able to edit your profile instead of having to do it all on the PC.

I’m sure once Skype start rolling out more updates with better features, my rating will easily boot up to 5 stars. I got the update today at 9am, today on the 23rd of April! This should mean that the application is available for the rest of the Windows Phone users in the UK!

I would recommend pointing your Windows Phone to the link given to be sent straight to your Marketplace application, so it saves time. Thanks for reading my review of Skype.

All in all, my rating out of 5 stars is 4

Get Skype here!

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