Poppy Dinsey: Mobile Phones Form Over Function?

NokiaLumia5052cnouyreysPoppy Dinsey, takes some time out to talk about the mobile phone and fashion during London Fashion Week. Poppy is a fashion blogger and found of clothing social network What I Wore Today (WIWT).

Poppy makes it known that social networking and mobile phones co-exist in today’s world of fashion – from Vodafone’s multi-phone chargers under every front seat enabling people to tweet their favourites, the first picture of a design – to keeping up to date with the world of personal and business needs.

“People run down their phone battery three, four times a day during Fashion Week. You’re just furiously Tweeting and on e-mail and having to file copy and share photos.”

Poppy says that the mobile phone and tablets play a part in today’s design with people matching cases or phones to outfits as part of their daily ensemble.

“The Nokia Lumia phones are a great example of that. Being able to customize your phone in terms of what you want it to do, as well as being really colorful, is amazing. You can kind of design it yourself with the Windows Phone 8 home screen.

“Now you have manufacturers making really beautiful, beautiful phones that you can make even more so with designer cases.”

“I did a magazine photo shoot today and the three bags I used were all tablet cases. I’ve started to notice more and more really nice tablet cases,” says Poppy, “and girls are using them as clutch bags. People even match their cases to their outfits now. I think just a lot of brands are realising it is worth making accessory lines just for tablets and phones.

However, Poppy states the negatives, when some manufacturers put form over function citing Gucci and Prada who merged their names with phone technologies that did not provide the full experience that you would expect from a mobile phone that should set the world alight.

“People are never without their phone, and it needs to do absolutely everything that you want it to do. It can’t be fashion over function when it’s something that’s that important to people. You only have one of them and it’s with you all of the time.”








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