Panaroma: Nokia Lumia 800

The Nokia Lumia 800 was presented to applause from the industry and consumers at Nokia World 2011.

With the Nokia N8 still carrying the crown as the flagship camera phone, the Lumia 800 had a lot to live up to with a lesser megapixel camera. The Lumia 800 received complaints as to its camera efficiency in addition to the default macro mode of which the general consumer  was not aware, there were also some bugs in the system which resulted in blurred images.

However, several updates have fixed those problems and the camera is now very efficient and takes some beautiful images. But, it can never be enough in today’s world of camera phone ownership and the photo craze of the likes of Instagram. Today Nokia has stated they will be bringing Panorama to the Lumia 800.

There is no date as yet for its arrival, but just to know it is on its way is sufficient for the moment.

However, you will be pleased to know that a new camera application, Creative Studio has been released and is available now for download. The clock is running away from me, so I will write more on that a bit later. If you cannot wait until then and would like to head-off and explore it on your own, here is the download link.

Source: Image compliments of allaboutwindowsphone

Download: Creative Studio [Windows Phone Marketplace]

Source: pocketnow

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