Ovi Maps 3.04 & Share Location to Facebook Problems

Brief – For the last week or so, I and many other Nokia Users have been reporting an issue with Ovi Maps, in particular, the Share Location to facebook counterpart. In most cases this when attempted to be used would fail, or report that the email, or password were incorrect, even though all credentials were fine.

Just tested this again this morning, and its working perfectly now, so Im guessing the problem was with the facebook API. Let me know if yours is now working where you are in the world. Hopefully it should work again now as intended.

Edit – Its been pointed out to me that although the share to facebook is working, the actual name is fine, but the link when clicked simply loads up a map of Europe, and does not show actual location on map as intended.  Privacy issue maybe?  Seems odd as you can clearly read the location, but not see it.


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