Nokia World 2012 New Images Leaked of Nokia Lumia 920


Nokia World commences tomorrow and prior to any official announcements, news of the alleged Nokia Lumia 920 has leaked.

The Lumia device is said to be on the scale of a 4.5-inch display and will available in a new ‘spot-light’ yellow. The colour is startling but absolutely beautiful. I can see this colour being the new ‘magenta’ or ‘cyan’ phone in Nokia’s range.

Not much else is known about the device though it is rumoured this is one of two smartphones in the Windows Phone 8 range that will arrive with the new wireless charger.

Nokia World in the past used to be a momentous and huge event. However, Nokia has changed things around to bring smaller events to different parts of the phone community, therein separating the press and bloggers from the partner/retail and networks.


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