Nokia N97 Sold, My Feelings on Nokia, & My Upcoming New Device

Having just sold my White Nokia N97 with a bunch of accessories on eBay for a grand total of £202, (before eBay & Paypal rip off fee’s), that’s almost £300GBP depreciation in little over a year, ouch!

As many of you know, I have been through so many hard resets, formats, and countless issues of lack of memory problems with Nokia’s Flagship device, the N97, I’d had enough, and decided to sell up.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the form-factor of the N97, I really did, and that tied with the superb applicationGravity from, the N97 was a joy to use, however, I feel if it was not for Gravity, I probably would of sold the N97 much much sooner.

So now my old N97 is on its way to its new owner in Greece. Luckily for the buyer, I included SPB Mobile Shell, a superb application which enhances, or should I say, completely replaces the N97 S60 5th Edition UI, bringing a completely new level of User Experience to the device.

I also threw in many accessories that I had gained over the year to help the sale of my N97. I feel without these additional accessories, my N97 would of been lucky to of reached £150GBP.

So this begs the question, which device will I be getting next? An N8? Nope, another Nokia? Nope, not next anyway. My next device will indeed be the iPhone 4, in White. Im getting the 32GB White iPhone 4 in August. In the time being, having given my white N86 to my darling wife, Im back using my old Nokia N95. Since 2007, the N95 is still a capable device, even today, 3 years down the line. See where Im going with this?

I will be using my N95 until my White iPhone 4 arrives, and then looking forward to experiencing iOS4.

A lot of my fellow friends, and followers on twitter have tried to persuade me to go the Android route, but my mind is set, and will be getting the iPhone 4 in White. Why? Because I like what I see, and if my MacBook Pro investment is anything to go by, then Im sure I will enjoy the iPhone 4.

Yes, Im am indeed, a passionate Nokia enthusiast, and simply because Im getting an iPhone 4 does not mean Im jumping ship, far from it. I love an hardware QWERTY with my devices, hence why Im holding out, and waiting patiently for Nokia’s first MeeGo device, the N9, and before you say it, no, those leaked photos, and video of the supposed N9, are not of the N9, but another device, the E7, which as you can see from the photos, its running Symbian^3, not MeeGo. And yes, I know the iPhone 4 don’t come with a QWERTY keyboard.

You can be sure to know I will be sharing my experience with the iPhone 4 both here, and on Twitter, and of course, when the Nokia N9 is finally announced at Nokia World in September, and I finally get mine in hand, I will be letting you all know what I think of MeeGo too. Lets hope Nokia can win back some popularity with the N9, because the N8 for me, simply does not cut it in the way of bringing anything new to the table. Ok, it has an amazing 12MP camera, and that all important Xenon flash that people have been crying out for since the Nokia N82. (How long!?!), but thats it. Even though its running Symbian^3, to me, and this is my own personal opinion, it still looks outdated, and too much like S60 5th Edition, and again, completely lacks any transitions throughout the menu infrastructure. When will Nokia listen to all these plea’s of free help, and advise? Here’s the latest Open Letter to Nokia, which I share many of the concerns herein.

Nokia World this year will be in conjunction with the Nokia Developer Summit, and both are being held in London this year in September, the 14th & 15th to be exact. My friend, and contact at Nokia is trying to get me a ticket to attend Nokia World this year, but it looks like if they can, I will have to find my own way there, which is a bit of a bummer, I felt quite down yesterday, somewhat like someone who had been given a Football World Cup ticket, but been told I would have to make my own way to the other side of the world to watch the game. It’s not that I’m ungrateful, far from it, I’m over it now, another day, another dollar so they say. Lets see if Nokia can help get me to Nokia World this year, as I have many questions needed answering from many a Nokiauser, from, and of course, a Moleskine half full of questions, and concerns from myself which I would like to be given the chance of putting them to the right people at Nokia.

So there you have it, kind of a mixture of a post from me here on NokiaDNA, which Im sure some of you may call a rant even, but I am passionate about Nokia, but with little to no recent news from Nokia of late, to cheap digs at iPhone in a recent Nokia Conversations post, I feel this looks desperate on Nokia’s part. Just my opinion, you don’t have to agree. Also with the recent leaks of Nokia devices, this is what has been getting me down recently too, but what can you do? Onwards and upwards as they say.! Thanks for reading!


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  • Breathless

    While I’m not excited about the iPhone, I’m glad to see someone else sharing my sentiments on Symbian^3. Someone who’s prolly much more knowledgeable than me too. Feel like it’s totally wasted money and time on S^3, it would’ve been late even if the N97 had come with that on board. Oh wells.
    Good luck with the fruitphone and with Nokia World as well! Anticipating your thoughts on both.

    • Micky

      Thanks for your comment. You can be sure of that my friend.

  • Mark webster

    Good luck with that Micky, i hope Nokia realise that it’s people like you that have kept them afloat over these past few years, they should be busting a gut to ferry over real, knowledgable enthusiasts who actually give a damn about their company, rather than the corporate suck-ups, who are nice to there face, but whisper contempt as regards Nokia as soon as their back is turned!

    • Micky

      Thanks for your support Mark, it means a lot coming from yourself mate.

  • Farhan

    Buddy finally you made the right choice and get rid of the N97 , trust me now you will feel much better , I too have gotten ‘rid’ of my Symbians , well my wife and mother got them all , I got myself a HTC Desire and loving every min of it , I hope Nokia makes something out of MeeGo but again it’s Nokia they have a good concept , a good device and than they forget all about it refer N900 which I still have and use as my backup phone

    • Micky

      Thanks for your comment. The N900 for me didn’t quite fit my needs, and besides, it was very obvious to me, the N900 was simply a testbed device, hence me selling it so early on so not to lose too much money. Depreciation and all that..

  • ZeroLinesOfCode

    Totally agreed, Micky.

  • Michele

    Same way, same story.
    After ten years of nokia phones, after Symbian as the only flavour of smartphone OS, starting from 3650 through 6600, 6630, N80, N81, N85, N97.
    I had many, the best 6630, the worst by many lenghts N97.
    I think with N97 Nokia lost it’s leadership in smartphones: too many flaws, too many serious malfunctionings.
    Call drops, GPS totally crazy, lock during incoming calls, slow and unresponsive OS…
    By the way I totally loved the form factor, it was simply amazing the way you could use the keyboard, superb.
    I jumped off the Nokia boat because of this damn phone and about 4 months ago I went for a Nexus One.
    I never had an Iphone and before that never had an Android.
    It took me quite a couple of weeks to be familiar with the OS, today I can say this is the best phone ever I had.
    It is damn fast in everything it is totally customizable, it has tons of apps. It works very well.
    It’n not perfect, sure, it lacks a physical button for the cam, a front facing camera, the FM radio…
    The best thing I think it is the CLOUD, the way you can send links to phone trough the browser it’s amazing, your data on the cloud means you can share your calendars and have updates in background to the phone, it has user integration with FB and Twitter. You can update your maps on the PC and wiev them on the phone… And so many more…
    And by the way, it has flash on the browser.
    I don’t know the apple side and I’m just arrived in Android world but I’m starting to like it very much…

    • Micky

      @Michele Thanks for your comment, and experiences with the N97.

  • Michele

    By the way I was very sad to leave Nokia echosystem, I’m not a fanboy, (I’m 39) but I liked very much the nokia feeling. Now I think many experienced user like me should look around to see what else is available ‘cos (sadly) Nokias are no longer the best out there…
    It is like waking up from a dream… :-(

  • ThiemoB

    Great article Micky, told you I did the same, switching from N97 to iPhone 4. I’m really looking forward to your thoughts! I’m also not saying that I turn my back to Nokia for ever, if N9 (or whatever it is called finally) becomes what the N97 should have been, you could guess Nokia is on the right way. But I’m so upset with my N97 that I’m skipping Nokias for the next years. Let’s see if both devs and users are beginnign to be happy with it again.

  • Chris

    Great read. Looking forward to reading your review of the iPhone 4.

    Depreciation of Nokia handsets is terrible. I cant remember, in the 10+ years of owning Nokia handsets, did I ever get anything upto half the RRP. I sold my 3GS on eBay, locked to O2, for a handsome £325. That was about the average. But some were going for £400.

    Hope you enjoy the iPhone 4 anyway. If I may, I’d recommend the following apps:

    - Official Twitter (although no push notifications that some are asking for)
    - Official Facebook
    - Reeder (best RSS reader I’ve found)
    - BugMe! (sticky notes)
    - TomTom (still by far best satnav however pricey)
    - PingChat! 2 (cross mobile platform chat)
    - Occassions (for Iif like me you forget birthdays, this syncs to your contacts and Facebook friends pulls birthday info)
    - Flixster (local cinema listings, movie reviews etc. )
    - TuneIn Radio (virtually all stations from around the world streamed over 3G or WiFi)
    - RedLaser (barcode scan and online price comparison)
    - iBooks
    - iMovie

    I personally recommend also, putting your faith in Google for mail, contacts and calendar. I use all three online services and with a few button taps you’ve synced the lot.

    • Micky

      Thanks Chris, I will certainly look those up.

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