Nokia N8 UK Various Outlets Pricing Comparison List

Over at Nokiausers forums, an interesting thread popped up which many of you in the UK who are awaiting the Nokia N8 availability may find of interest.

The thread posted by member, Montala lists all the various UK outlets listing the N8 pre-orders, with current pricing of the upcoming N8. Here’s the list..

Mobile Fun – £400 – Available 6th October
Clove Technology – £410 – Expected for release 27th September
Handtec – £410 – Due in soon
Expansys – £420 – Due 22nd September – £420 – Due for release 8th October
Nokia (direct sales) – £429 – Estimated 23rd September

Tesco £289

Now today,I spotted locally here in Finland, the N8 in black being advertised by a local popular catalogue company, Hobby Hall, listing the Black Nokia N8 available 14th of October for a price tag of €499 Euros, which equates to around £409GBP.

A friend on my twitter follow list in Switzerland however has managed to pre-order his Nokia N8 for a grand total of CHF499, and that works out about £310GBP.

As you can see, there is still some confusion out there as to the actual availability of the long awaited N8 from Nokia, and also many rumors going about on Colour restrictions when launched.

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  • Ms. Jen

    Ok, so all the adverts show 5 glorious colors, a veritable rainbow of N8s… But the pre-orders and the various online dealers only seem to have black & silver.

    Where, Oh Where, have the little Orange, Green, and Blue N8s gone?


  • Ms. Jen

    Oh, and don’t tell me that there is a pigment shortage at the aluminum extruding factory…


  • Ms. Jen

    Yes, I saw that photo and I am mostly teasing you. But… But… Both the US and UK Expansys only have black & silver. US pre-order is black only, so I want to know where the colors have gone… ;o)