Nokia N8 32GB Spotted & N8 BL-4D 1200mAh Battery IS User Replaceable

Its been a few days since I posted a blog post here on NokiaDNA, and boy am I playing catch up or what?

I have finally moved into our new larger apartment over the Vappu Holiday weekend here in Finland, and getting back to some kind of normality, although currently having to work on a window sill due to my office desks not arriving just yet, but that’s not stopped me finding lots of new Nokia N8 goodies around the web, so thought I would do the decent thing, and share them all with you, our readers.

Im sure the revelation on the N8′s battery being user replaceable will possibly be a done deal now, as I recall many people out there really upset about a non user replaceable battery in the N8, like the iPhone 3GS battery.

Even the Nokia staff that I recently attended an N8 Q&A with said to our group the N8 Battery was NOT user replaceable, but I certainly beg to differ now after seeing these photos. Same Battery as the N97 Mini too, a BL-4D 1200mAh. You will also noticed a sticky label type thing on the battery in the photo, I’m guessing this is the tab you pull to extract the battery from the N8. After you have removed those two screws of course that is.

A 32GB Nokia N8 maybe on the cards now, (see photo below/note details on the blue box), however, this is unofficial at this time, but I was lucky enough to of come across this photo before SaudiMac (source) photoshopped the “N8-00 32GB” box print, which they have now done.

A massive thanks goes out to Mark Guim of The Nokia Blog for sharing the above photos which he spotted over on ArabNokia forums.

Below are those photos I mentioned earlier from SaudiMac, showing the 32GB details on the box boxing, however, its been brought to our attention that the N8 pictured in this photograph is a 16GB model.

Below is a shot at the HDMI port on the base of the N8.

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