Nokia MeeGo Once Upon A Time


meegoAs a child you will have heard very many Bedtime Stories, some of those are very gentle, sweet and entertaining and some may have been that little bit scary but, every Bedtime Story has a happy ending.

The ‘Story of Nokia MeeGo’ is on-going and time will tell whether there will be a happy ending for MeeGo owners.

The main devices that I recall are the Nokia N900, the developers device Nokia N950 and latterly the Nokia N9.

However, before we head to the finish line, let us start at the beginning.

Once Upon A Time…

In 2005, a very small group of people with limited resources at Nokia developed a Linux based Maemo operating system

The team was renamed as Maemo in 2007, and as a consequence of Nokia’s and Intel’s partnership in 2010, it was renamed as MeeGo…

First device was the N770 device. It was released in 2005, following by the N800 and N810.

The Maemo team started to think about a smartphone concept aimed to the masses. Originally the plan was to just add phone capabilities to the N810, but it eventually changed to a completely new device under the codename ‘Rover’ or as we know it – the N900…

I do not know anyone who is familiar with Nokia, who is not familiar with the ‘Burning Platform’ memorandum but before we conclude an end to this story I urge you to read the full article over at



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