Nokia MeeGo-Harmattan The Hidden Family


The Nokia Meego-Harmattan smartphone is a unicorn of a device.

Seldom seen but well known about the latter Meego-Harmattan devices are the developers edition n950 and the released n9. At first glance the n9 is often mistaken for the Lumia 800 which was created in its image.

Following the creation of the Meego devices Nokia has since established a firm footing with Microsoft’s Windows Phone. As such Nokia has sought to sell-off those parts of the establishment that it no longer needs.

However, the n950 and latterly the n9 has continued to receive some love from Nokia with its latest update of pr1.3 a month or two ago.

In today’s news Nokia has sold off the residue of its Qt assembly to Digia and in a separate transaction sold some 500 wireless patents to Vringo.

Michael has been doing a little bit of digging and has come across a number of Meego-Harmattan type devices, some of which looked set to come to market. These include:

N9: This obviously made it to market and for good reason. It is gorgeous. No need to explain this further
N950: Again, this is a known device. Regulated to a dev-only device for various reasons
N9, but with a camera shutter, and improved camera
There is the silver N950 we have seen a few times, and that was featured on Transformers 3. It had an earlier version of MH (earlier than what came with N950s). It had support for its 12MP camera, but with lower internal specs, and was shelved rather quickly.
This was a device that looked very similar to the N8. It follows the rumours of there being a MeeGo succesor to the ex-CameraPhone King.
Apparently this prototype matched the design of the Nokia One exactly.
Another QWERTY device with MH on board. No more info has been shared with me, but I assume it would have been the successor to N950

It saddens me that we will not see these devices on sale.

What are your thoughts? Should Nokia have continued the development of the MeeGo-Harmattan devices.


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