Nokia Lumia Windows Phone: How It Could Have Looked So Different

Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone is here, Lumia 710 is here, Lumia 610 is on its way as is the Lumia 900. We have mostly fallen in love with the Windows Phone interface. But, like all things, there are some things that we think could have been better. After all, improvement can be found anywhere?

Let us take a quick look back at what the Windows Phone interface and how it could have looked from a concept set of images.

The designer reports that these

“are purely her own personal design explorations and were never part of any project being done at or for Nokia.”

Nevertheless, it interests us, because we like to know everything, whether it be an idea, a concept and certainly when its shown in imagery.

Remember that on Feb. 16, 2011, at the “Windows Phone Day” seminar, when asked if they would change the Windows Phone UI, Nokia’s Chief Technology Officer, Rich Greene, said: 
‘We certainly do, in the context of this agreement, have the right to manipulate the UX, the UI, etc. but…I’m not speaking for the plan, I’m speaking as the Chief Technology Officer: Why would you? Let me clarify. There are so many places to innovate, it is critically important to provide the greatest opportunity for you the developer, you build once and everybody gets it, when you create more and more variance it becomes a hindrance. We also want customers to move between devices, preferably towards Nokia devices, but move between devices and not to hinder that in any fashion. The hardware and additional services we can offer will bring people to us, but if there are unfamiliar with a different environment, there may be a barrier to that, so why do it? The other issue is would I rather invest our resources in building really cool augmented reality applications or move tiles around? It just doesn’t make sense. We’re going to invest much more of our time, as we should have over the years, building on the platform as opposed to building in the platform. There’s unlimited amounts of opportunity to differentiate and innovate in these things.” 

What are your thoughts on the concept?

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that I actually like it. It brings a very light-hearted and ‘fun’ aspect to Windows Phone.


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