Nokia Lumia 710: Angry Birds Dressed to ‘Trill’

Nokia announced the Lumia 710, its second Windows Phone at Nokia World 2011.

The Lumia 710 followed in the footsteps of the Lumia 800 but in a different form. The 710 arrived with interchangeable fashionable covers.

However, it seems the traditional colours available are just not enough for everyone and so Nokia has introduced a few additional snap-on designs that snap on top of your present phone cover.

I would class these as sensational. They really do send a statement of intent on your part. You want your Nokia Lumia 710 to be noticed, to be admired and to be individual.

Head over to the Nokia site now to find out more details and where the cases can be purchased. Send us in a photo of your phone once it is ‘dressed to kill’.



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  • Stephen Wing

    Small clarification; although the Lumia 710 features interchangeable rear covers, these Angry Birds items are not the same – they are cases that go around the back of the phone to protect it further.

    • dani2xll

      Many thanks. I have updated the article to reflect this, though my response is showing above yours for some odd reason.

  • Dani

    Many thanks for the info. I have updated the article to reflect this.

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