Nokia Lumia 620 Windows Phone Hardware Layout

nokia lumia 620Our Nokia Lumia 620 review is nearing its completion and will be up in ‘lights’ in the next day or two. But for the moment let us focus on the minute details.

The specs detailed below gives you all the intricate details, both those seen and those that are mostly hidden from view at first glance.

Nokia Lumia 620 – SIM  removal

Nokia Lumia 620 – Disassembly

Nokia Lumia 620 – How to remove the back cover




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  • had enough!

    nokia lumia 620… by far the WORST phone i have ever had and used in my life!

    • dani2xll

      I am so sorry you disliked the 620. I had it for a short time as a trial device and it worked well but it was too small for me. I have now puchased the 920 and I really love the large screen and the speed, though I am still missing Instagram.