Nokia Gem Smart-Skin Device

The Nokia Gem is an interesting concept from Nokia, which I have not come across before.

However, there are some interesting highlights and similarities to Samsung’s recently filed patent technology that operates partially in the same manner. However, Samsung’s Smart-Skin device would involve the display only.

Could such a design work?

You may recall one of Nokia’s earlier phones that had a snap-on clear case. The case was a shell of shorts, so that you could snap the shell apart and choose your own image from a magazine, article or image (paper) and use this as a display for the back of your case. It was quite interesting for a while, with the designs and images that people would use. This eventually petered out and we went back to the solid all-in-one colours of fascia and back covers that we have today. I am sure someone will remind me what phone it was and provide an image link.


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