Nokia E7 HD Videos From The Top Of The Empire State Building New York

Finally getting round to putting together my New York posts from when I attended The Shorty Awards with WomWorldNokia. I won a competition of theirs thank’s to all my friends, and followers who voted for me via twitter. #winner!

My visit to New York was only for 48 hours, so as you can imagine, was a little rushed. My visit to The Empire State Building was on the second day, then afterwards had to resort to the back seat of a taxi to complete my New York tour. Not the best way to see New York, but I’m not complaining, as it was my very first visit to The Empire State, and the U.S.A.

As part of the competition win, I got a personalized dinner jacket with my twitter @Mickyfin username on for the Shorty Awards, and a lovely Silver E7, which I love, and have used the E7 to capture New York on.

In this first in a series of posts, I want to share with you a few videos that I took whilst at the top of The Empire State Building. @Skydowning from Womworld looked after me on the second day of my trip, as @missdd don’t do heights, so Donna looked after me the first day, which I will cover in another part of my New York Series.

Onto my E7 videos, they are available in HD, so ensure to go to my flickr account to watch the full versions. The quality video from the E7′s 8MP camera is quite impressive, and I am sure you will be as equally impressed with all of the photos I shot on the E7 also. These will be coming up in another post.

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  • Steve Barker

    Hey Mickey

    Some excellent stills (and of course video) from the E7 – good to see that EDOF can deliver the goods when called upon.

    Last time I was in NY I took my then-new Nokia 6600; taking short video clips and (for the time) half-decent pictures was a real novelty. We had good weather that February and the 6600 was there to record my proposal to the current Mrs Barker at the top of the Empire State on Valentine’s Day – I’m dead romantic, me…

    We had ordered a ring from a jeweller on West 47th St (‘Freddie Samuel – Jeweller to The Stars’) but it was not ready in time, so I’d improvised a stand-in fashioned from a plastic diamond glued to a gold-painted Jubilee clip – I’m classy, me…

    Naturally I needed a large screwdriver to adjust said bauble to the fair Maiden’s digit, but attempting to smuggle what could easily be viewed by the ever-present Hnomeland Security as an offensive weapon to the top of a major US landmark so soon after 9/11 is a romantic gesture not to be repeated or recommended. I still sweat when I see images of Guantanamo.

    But in true Jack Bower style I evaded the Feds’ vigilance and made it up the elevators, along the corridor and through those glass doors onto the roof. Jack Bower turned into Tom Hanks and (whilst admidmittedly more akin to Forest Gump) I recreated the Sleepless scene with my very own Meg Ryan.

    Some kind soul waved my almost-as-precious 6600 in our general direction to record my bended-knee surrender to Matrimoney’s fate. We still have that video somewhere – I must dig out that old memory card and re-live the moment.

    Because that is the point of a camera on a phone – to record the unexpected and the poignant, the trivial and the precious.

    Convergance without quality is pointless.

    • Micky

      Great story Steve, enjoyed reading that. I too hope to return to New York, and next time, take my wife with me to experience The Empire State.

    • James

      I remember pre 9/11 when you bought a ticket and got on the elevator. No security check points… Oh, the security at the building now is private. No feds involved.

      • Micky

        Talking of the security inside now, I will be uploading another post today showing the inside of The Empire State Building, and the actual security measures now in force.