Nokia culture tends to seek consensus and compromise

First of all, sorry for the lack of updates here on NokiaDNA, but I have been so busy of late with one thing or another with the run upto Mobile World Congress, its been hectic to say the least.


Following the Bold, and Straight to the point Stephen Elop Internal Intranet Memo that leaked recently, named Burning Platform, it’s certainly made very big waves around the www, and all for the right reasons too. Seriously Impressed!

Everyone, and I mean everyone, has gotten so used to how Nokia works in recent years, and how it talks in the public space, it’s only now, since non-Finn blood, Mr Elop taking the bull’s horns at Nokia as CEO that we are now seeing, and witnessing something completely different from the Worlds Largest Mobile Phone Maker!
Mr Elop’s memo holds no punches, and tell’s it like it is, and what I like about this so much is that he has his finger on the pulse, and is bang on. So many of us have been screaming out so loud over the last few years about Nokia’s OS not being on par with the competition, its great to know that now, something will be done about it, and I have every confidence in Elop’s lead at Nokia to make this happen. It’s now all about the User Experience and User Interface too, I know this.
I will be in Barcelona on Sunday for the Nokia press meeting, and will be reporting live from there on what exactly will be revealed to the mobile world, and surrounding ecosystem.
Going back to what I mentioned earlier, and the waves that Mr Elop has started, this Tsunami has grown and grown, and my RSS reader is bulging with some great analysts contributions based on Elop’s memo. One of which can be found here from Michael Mace of Mobileopportunity, and having read this, there are many very good points, and considerations, but one sentence that rang so true to me, and I am in no doubt will ring true to many other mobile fans out there is this.
People at Nokia have to be free to innovate independently, but when left to itself the Nokia culture tends to seek consensus and compromise.
We all have seen this behavior from Nokia one way or another, and living in Finland, and being married to a Finn, I’m all too familiar with how Finns are stubborn, modest, and self reserved in the sense they don’t posses a soapbox at all.
Hat tip to @khouryrt for sharing the above great post from Michael Mace.

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  • Stéphane Nguyen

    What’s your opinion so after read Elop’s memo ? I would like your vision please.

    Thanks very much.

    Stéphane Nguyen.

    • MickyFin

      At first I was horrified if Im perfectly honest about the Microsoft alliance, but as to the Memo, Im not the least bit surprised to see him push that out to the Nokia staff, something needed to be said, and he said it.

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