Nokia Arrow new Windows Phone 8

An image has come to light of the Nokia Arrow, Nokia’s new Windows Phone 8. The photo shows five different colours of the smartphone.

However, it is unclear from the images whether they are indeed five different colours or they show the smartphone with alternative cases. The phones do look similar to the Nokia Lumia 800 which did arrive out of the box with a very well fitted rubber case, and this image reminds me of them. You were able to buy different cases for the Lumia 800 which made it look like you had the Magenta, Cyan or White phone. They cases fit so well that you could not tell what colour phone was hidden beneath it.

The Nokia Arrow has taken a different pose with the camera across the width of the device rather than down the length of the device as was the case with the Lumia 800.

Several tweets confirmed the following:

It is early days as yet to know the specs that the new device will have but I think from the initial glance that this does not look like a device with PureView technology.

Update: We have received some news that the phones are not housed in additional cases as I had at first thought. Thank you to the tipster.


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