Nokia 808 PureView Review for NokiaDNA

Nokia 808 PureView

NokiaDNA will finally be getting their hands on a Nokia 808 PureView for review.

This is an exciting time for us and I hope that you will enjoy the experience as much as I hope to.

I most probably do not need to tell anyone about the PureView as I think you all know about it by now. However, for those that have been away from the media and communication for the past 6 months, this is for you.

The Nokia 808 PureView is a 41 megapixel sensor smartphone capable of taking up to 38 megapixel images. The PureView runs on the ageing Symbian platform. The memorable days of Symbian for me, include that of the N95, N82 and latterly the n8 and the period I most want to forget about is the N97. Nokia’s support of Symbian will end sometime in the future, though a final date has yet to be decided. Although Symbian maybe considered by some as a dead OS, the Nokia Store continues to flourish as does the intermittent upgrades to the Nokia Belle OS.

It has been a while since I have switched on my Nokia N8  or the Nokia N82 as I have been giving some love to the Nokia Lumia 800 over the past few months. However, I have now dusted them off and have lit a charge underneath them. Once that is done, I will check through to see what are my favourite apps for Symbian and get them  downloaded and ready for installation to the Nokia 808.

Of course, the Nokia 808 is not about Symbian and apps alone, the camera does play a big part with its new PureView technology.

I hope to get as many photo’s as I can and I hope that you enjoy the views. I am not a photographer in any sense of the word and neither would I call myself an amateur photographer. I still like to rely on the Point & Shoot aspects of taking a photograph, but maybe the PureView will take me one step further.

Thank you to Jimmy for giving me the idea for this article.

The PureView is due to arrive tomorrow so I hope to start posting articles soon and a review to follow.

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