Nokia 808 PureView Picture Gallery

In a matter of weeks the Nokia 808 PureView will begin to hit the markets. It is already available for pre-order on many online stores. However, I still sit in the dark with my dilemma. I am not sure whether to order it now and pay these ridiculous prices that online retailers are asking for, or wait a month or two for prices to lower.

There is also the question of whom to order from. My norm is to buy high-priced items from the manufacturers themselves, rather than third-party online sites or stores. But it looks as if we will not be able to buy the Nokia 808 PureView from Nokia in the UK. I have had past experience through third-party retailers and I must say that I have not been happy with the results.

But, the point of this post was to show you the latest Nokia 808 PureView gallery. Enjoy!


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