Nokia 808 PureView Eyes on the Nokia 8800


The Nokia 808 PureView may be shouting its camera specifics from the roof tops but here it takes some time-out to view one of its older siblings whose aesthetic beauty has yet to be matched.

The following images were taken with the Nokia 808 PureView in 8 megapixel with some images taken macro mode.

You can view the full flickr set in their original sizes by clicking on the image or via my PureView collection.


The original Nokia 8800 was announced in April 2005 and became available on the market in late 2005.




The original 8800 as seen here is made of stainless steel. Nokia saw fit to produce later editions of the 8800 et al but nothing could capture the beauty and distinction quite as much as this stainless steel edition.


The 8800 features a scratch-resistant glass front.


Not known for its camera efficiency, the 8800 featured an SVGA camera.


The 8800 retailed for between £599 and £699 if you were unlucky enough not to be able to get it on contract and even so it was quite pricy unless you were a big spender on your contract or had one with a high monthly tariff.




Unlike many other phones of its time, the Nokia 8800 arriving boxed with two batteries. The capacity available in the 8800 was small and so two batteries were needed. In addition to the two batteries, a desk-top charger allowed for the phone to be charged while the secondary battery was charged in the additional slot in the desk-top charger, hidden behind the phone.

The mechanism in the slide of the Nokia 8800 included a ball-bearing track with a spring mechanism. This meant when you pushed the phone up to open, it would automatically spring open, rather like a jack-in-the-box.




Although this image is taken in macro mode on the 8 megapixel option, I found that I still could not get close enough to distinguish the finer details. The further I moved away from the phone is the more that outside items would be incorporated into the shot which is what I did not want to happen.

We hope you enjoyed our first images taken with the Nokia 808 and we look forward to sharing some more in the future.


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