New Video Appears Showing MeeGo OS Running on a Mobile Phone – Looks Impressive – Updated

Yesterday a brand new video popped up in my newsreader, and it was of MeeGo OS shown to be running on a mobile phone. Although there has been questions asked about this video contents authenticity, there are several observations which point to it being genuine, I really hope so too, as Im quite impressed with what I see here, and Im sure you will do too.

Ok, of course, if this is indeed real, this will obviously be an Alpha release, thus meaning not ready for prime time, but checkout the video for yourselves below. As I said, its looking impressive already, and has already impressed many technology enthusiasts from various blogs, to tech sites.

The Video poster added this following message in the comments on the video below.

And if you’re interested, there are two ‘possible’ new features that will differentiate MeeGo from other OS (these were mentioned during the survey). They are Near field communication (NFC) and some sort of enhanced Bluetooth.

NFC does indeed tie in with what many of us Nokia enthusiasts have already been hearing too. Fingers cross this is indeed for real, as I am personally looking forward to the N9, Nokia’s very first MeeGo power OS handset. I am also lead to believe it will boast an hardware qwerty too, but the latter is just hearsay. Enjoy.!

Looks like our bubble may of just been burst by IntoMobile.  See here for details on this video.

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