New Symbian^4 Homescreen Screenshots Shown Off – Androidish? Wiki pages revealed some screenshots of the new Symbian^4 Homescreens yesterday, and the first thing that struck me, was how they look so much like Android OS. I know Nokia, and Vanjoki have made it perfectly clear that Nokia will not be going the Android OS route on their devices, but why make Symbian^4 look like Android.?

This of course is my own personal preference, and observation, which incidentally is actually shared with by another friend, and Nokiausers forum member Bartmanekul, who goes on to say the following…

Looks more and more like Android everyday. It’s a shame they don’t simply whack Android on it and tweak it, and stick all their apps on there (Ovi Maps etc).

Too far down the symbian/meego path now though. Shame, as it would have saved them untold millions in development, but most importantly of all they would have something to release sooner rather than….whenever S4 is supposed to emerge.

I appriciate this is a very simplistic view, but at the moment they are looking so far behind they simply cannot ever catch up with the speed of development Nokia show compared to competitors. Even Bada, a brand new OS is out sooner.

What is your opinion on these Symbian^4 screenshots? Discuss….

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  • tee are

    for me right now, Android is better than anything else