New Logo for NokiaDNA


Hi to Our Nokia Community

Just a quick note.

We have a genius in our midst and he has created OUR new logo. I say OUR, as our aim is to make this a Central Community Hub for all-things-Nokia and to do that we have to work together and become ONE.

I would like to say a special thank you to: @JayMontano for providing the Nokia N8 image, @JonChoo Nokia Lumia 800, @RafeBlandford Nokia N82 and @Nirave Nokia 808 PureView and a very special thank you to Biggzy for creating the logo and to @StephenJonSmith

We now have our very own Facebook page:

Head on over to Facebook and add your ‘like’ now.

Do remember that I am always on the look out for new ideas, tips and tricks and new writers. I am also happy to accept guest articles. If anything catches your interest or you have an article you have written, or you need to contact me, you can do so via: [email protected] dani(at)nokiadna(dot)com

I can also be found just about everywhere as I am very much a virtual social butterfly:

Twitter@NokiaDNA Twitter@dani2xll Instagram@dani2xll

The header does look more livelier than the flash of green that existed before and also it tells a story of Nokia, its smartphones and its imagining capabilities. Do you like it?

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About Dani

Hi! My name is Dani and I am a student reading Linguistics. My passion is technology and I love to write and share my thoughts, ideas and views on the subject. Add me via twitter @dani2xll My personal website is

  • stephenquin58

    Wow Really impressive Dani , nice fresh look and really look forward to dropping back in now and again to see what’s going on, best of luck and hope the blog goes from strength to strength :-)

    • Dani

      Hi Stephen

      Many thanks. I will try my best and I am always open to any help and advice you wish to give.

  • Micky Aldridge

    Loving the new header Dani, looks great!

    • Dani

      Many thanks. Micky

  • javidmajid

    nice to see TWO symbian phones in there :) not telling where my loyalties lie :)
    joking aside – classy – very nice logo.
    Shame there is no Meego phone – hint N9:)

    • Dani

      Glad you like it. I was trying to follow the camera imaging side of things but had to pop lumia in as its the latest reincarnation from Nokia. Just pretend that the lumia is the N9. They are so very similar in looks.