My White iPhone 4 Build Progress with Water Damaged Logic Board

Bit of an update on my White iPhone 4 build.

I recently purchased an iPhone 4 with water damage in the hope to fix it, but sadly due to the water being that of a swimming pool, and the detergents that are in the water, this tied with the iphone 4 not being rinsed with clean water right away etc, the corrosion started, and its not pretty.

After the iPhone 4 went for a swim, it was then left completely assembled, and dried out, however as mentioned, the corrosion had already taken hold.

Here’s some photos of the damage.

Once I had removed the Logic Board, I rinsed it in warm clean water for 10 minutes, and left to dry, then once dried out fully, I soaked the pcb for 3 hours in Isopropanol in a sealed container to losen up the corrosion so I could see the extent of the damage. This is what it looked like after the soak..

I then continued to clean up the area, and sockets seeing the corrosion hadn’t actually eroded the thin copper connectors away, so I thought I may actually try and get this thing back to life.

I brushed gently, and treated the corroded area, removing all corrosion, and now, this is the state of the Logic Board below. Im just waiting on a new replacement battery to arrive, and then I will reassemble the iPhone 4, however, instead of me using the carcass from the original soaked iPhone 4, I have assembled another iphone 4 with new, and second hand parts which I purchased separately.

New parts, White front glass with Retina lcd, home button switch/flexi, white back glass, new 5mp camera, white headphone jack, with volume buttons, and vibrate switch, and white dock connector. Proximity sensor, wifi board, power button, and new speaker/antenna also all replaced with new.

Second hand parts for new build were just the iPhone 4 frame itself.

Here’s the logic board now as it stands, waiting for new batter to arrive so I can finish my rebuild.

If after everything I have done, and it still don’t work, its no biggy for me, I have enjoyed the experience of working on this.

So what shall I do with the rebuild white iphone 4 should it not work when rebuilt? I will sell it on eBay no doubt, and be honest in my description on what exactly I have done.

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  • @Chris_c81

    Really interesting Micky. Can’t wait to see if you can spark some life in to this Frankenstein!

    • Micky

      Cheers Chris! I’m not holding my breath, but we shall see. Just waiting now on a new battery replacement to turn up, as I’m not risking re-fitting the one that went swimming just in case.

  • Anonymous

    ooo and you really fixed this water damaged board

  • Bartosch from GER

    Did your battery arrive yet?

    One more question. Do you got an other source than ebay for second hand parts?

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  • Junk

    mine is fried in the exact same manner. A repair place said I need to change the logic board. Anyone know where an unlocked board can be had?

    • Micky

      Yes, there is a UK seller on eBay offering the 16GB Unlocked Logic board, they will fit it too for you. Search ebay for logic board, and you will find them.

      • Junk

        Yes, but really expensive. I found one site in China the other day but now can’t find it! Anyone know?

        Was also hoping there might be used spares around from damaged phones.

        Did you get your phone working? I wa thinking to try to clean my board like you did.

        (Oddly, could not post here via iphone, it keeps saying email is invalid even though it isn’t.)

        • Micky

          I cleaned the Logic Board, but sadly to no avail, so will be getting another logic board soon, and will complete the build then.

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  • Dean

    Where did u get the replacement part? i need to order one.

  • Teresa Canchola

    I am impressed, I have to say. Very rarely do I come across a blog that’s both educational and entertaining, and let me tell you, you have hit the nail on the head.

  • Theo Kallioras

    Hi! I have also bought a logic board with mild water damage. The phone turns on, itunes sees it and it can upgrade. Screen doesn’t work (but under light I can see animation) and I am waiting for a replacement part. However I am little bit worried cause I see some pins (not the bronze ones though, the “silver” ones) on the LCD connector a little bit blackish. Do you believe that this is going to be a problem?