My Long Awaited Nokia BH-905 Bluetooth Headset has Landed

Its been quite a while since I first got my hands on a pair of the Nokia BH-905 Bluetooth headset. It was at Nokia World 2009 in Stuttgart, Germany when I first experienced these amazing headphones from Nokia, and wrote my initial impressions on them as a guest for the Nimbuzz Blog.

I had been wanting a pair for myself ever since Nokia World, but with a dying Acer Aspire Laptop, my needs for a good workhorse laptop came first, hence my MacBook Pro investment. Then I had what many geeks get from time to time, impulse purchase mode.

I guess you could call me a slave to technology lol.

I needed a new digital camera, and after having a good look at Rafe Blandfords Sanyo HD1000 whilst at the Holy Grail, Nokia House for The Way We Live Next 3.0, I set my heart on one, so HAD to get one, but this proved somewhat if a mission, with my first purchase not exactly turning out too well, as I ended up with a Sanyo HD1000, but with no Accessories for it, which are quite important, and to my findings, like hens teeth to buy on their own. Oh by the way, you can checkout a video from Nokia House, and TWWLN3.0 here. Yes, I was a little camera shy in this video.

Anyway, back to my camera shenanigans I did finally buy another, complete with all accessories this time, and it was the silver model Sanyo HD1000, which I’m more than happy with now.

Also, remember that Impulse Buy type feeling? Well, I still had it, and having learned that the Nokia N86 in White was not only the rare Nokia handset, it is also the very last Nokia handset to feature the unique dual sliding form-factor too, so just like most tech geeks, I had to get one.

Then, after many reminders about the sheer quality of the BH-905 headset from a few of my followed twitter users, I kicked myself up the rear end, and decided, now was the time to get myself a pair of these great Noise canceling Bluetooth headset from Nokia. This now replace my old Nokia BH-604 Bluetooth headset (seen below), which are a little large when worn, but I have to admit, they served me very well, and produced superb, quality sound, as well as great handsfree functionality during calls.

During all this time, as many of you will know, I also moved into a new apartment recently too. Its been very busy times here for me, and the family, and its going to get a little more busy for me, not only with tech/blogging work, but re-decorating the new pad.! Watch out for my Time-Lapse videos of me in action ;).

Anyhow, It turns out waiting a while before purchasing my BH-905 headset actually paid off, as I managed to buy mine, new for just £129GBP. Ok, so they were an ex-display pair, but they are still in A1, like new condition, and even came with the plastic protection still fitted to that beautiful brushed aluminum finish.

I will be posting more details on my findings with the BH-905′s, so keep your eyes peeled. Thanks for reading.!

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