Micky’s Highlights of Nokia World 2010 Sadly Disappointing

Now before I go on, I wish to remind you all, that believe it or not, I am indeed a Nokia enthusiast, and have been for quite a while now, but the following may offend, or sound like I’m an anti-Nokia writer, but this could not be further from the truth, I really need to get some things off my chest in a post. I understand, and I’m fully aware of all the hard work that Nokia employees have put in to make Nokia World this year in London what it was, and there were some good parts, including the planning of the Nokia World Party. Again, I repeat, the following may insult you, but as said, I will tell it as it is, raw, no photos, just words.

Right, I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking that Nokia World this year was a damn let down, and that missed opportunities were aplenty to put Nokia back in the media in a positive light. Not only was MeeGo completely AWOL from this years Nokia World, so too were any mention of the N9 leaks that we have seen splashed all over the web. Nokia could of addressed these leaks, and really turned those them into their favor, but no, another missed opportunity sadly.

Nokia’s marketing and speeches really need to stop being cardboard, and boring, its getting tiresome now, and the atmosphere is so thick you could cut it with a blunt knife, honestly.! With Nokia, whenever something is new announced, you get this all very uncomfortable feeling, then one person starts clapping, and a slow minor following applaud follows. Its painful.

There were many new and wonderful things this year that could of been delivered to the consumer in oh so many better ways. Example, CBD.! Complete Black Display. Vanjoki announces this new tech screen evolution as something as important as a pubic hair on a bar of soap. Another great innovation was an Indian Language predictive text app, this was amazing, and not only can predict text in the Indian Language, but it also predict grammar, and can save on many many key-presses, but more importantly, it brings easy, and user-friendly communication to all of those enduers in India that do not understand English.

The Market for this app is Massive, and where was this app? Yes, it was hidden away in an none too obvious place in the Experience Lounge. Whoever decided the pitch for this app demo area needs shooting.! One of my past employments was dealing with selling a product at certain outdoor events, and having the right pitch/location where the stream/flow of guests/press/bloggers was vital, the same applies here.! As to the name of the app, I will be covering this in deal over on Nokiausers this week.

Back to Nokia World, and then there was the E7, and Vanjoki repeating “BIG” in a deep loud voice? Yes, ok, we heard you the first time, but is it big? Big as in size, big as in upcoming markets? Big as in another BIG Fail like the N97, Big pricetag? I guess we will find out soon enough, but I suppose Vanjoki was trying to market the screen size on the E7 being big? Not the ideal marketing strategy in my opinion.

As if all of the above isn’t enough, Nokia then stooped even lower, again this is just my opinion, Nokia taking a stab at Apple, and the whole HTC lunchbox PR stunt, it was all in very bad taste to me, yes, I can see what they were trying to do, but please Nokia, don’t become the same as the competition by stooping to their poor pathetic level.

The Nokia World Party venue was somewhat of a mistake this year, and the Arches Night Club soon started overflowing with people at an uncomfortable rate, so much so, there were waiters constantly getting glasses, and bottles knocked from their trays, but more importantly, I’m certain we were packed in their so tightly, if there would of been a fire, it would of been suicide. I, and many others decided to leave the Nokia World Party quite early due to this claustrophobic environment.

Please understand, this is very hard for me to write this post as you can imagine, I do not wish to lose good friends that I have gained at Nokia over the years, but at the same time, we all have a voice, and of course a personal opinion, which we are all entitled to. When I first joined the Nokia PR team for example, I was asked to not only write about the good things about Nokia, but was also told that they are very interested in hearing the bad too. Well I guess, here it is, I hope its not too painful to digest.

My highlights of my visit to the Capital of England recently were of course, NokiaMeet2010 which was held at 1000Heads HQ. Thanks to all the team for laying on a great welcoming spread for us all, over 70 Nokia bloggers were in attendance from all over the world, and to have been given this opportunity to finally meet these great likeminded people for the first time was amazing, especially after engaging, and connecting over the last few years in our Social Media circles, be it on twitter, facebook, or Nokia blogs/forums.

Then of course, the one thing I did like at Nokia World, and this is an area within the company they do get right, and that is openness, being able to approach, and talk to the likes of Damian Dinning, the main man behind the N86, and N8 amazing optics. Mark Selby, another great guy, always willing to have a chat, and there were many more, from Ovi, Nokia Push, and all the Experience Lounge staff. There were many more too of course, several actually taking the time out from their busy schedule to attend the NokiaMeet I put together, this in itself is quite amazing, and I wish to thank each and everyone of you who attended the NokiaMeet.

This year Nokia World was somewhat different to my first experience of Nokia World last year in Germany, whereas last year we had VIP one on one Q&A sessions with Nokia’s top brass, this year I had none, although WomWorld/Nokia Invited bloggers did to my surprise, and to see them grouped up in their own sections, and familiar same old faces hurt me personally. I know I know, you cannot please everyone all of the time, but at the same time, is there a saying, you can please the same people all of the time? Anyway, oh hum.

If you are wondering where my videos, and photos are from the event, stay tuned for my upcoming post about how I tried to capture Nokia World on a Nokia device, being completely dependent on a Nokia device for not only photos, and videos, but also using my N86 as a wifi hotspot also. Stay tuned.!


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  • http://breathlesstao.wordpress.com Breathless

    If anyone finds this offending, they need a reality check, imo. Wasn’t there myself, but from what I’ve seen (the live keynote streams) and read, you’re not the only one being kinda let down. In fact, my own short posts about it also reflected that there wasn’t really anything new, or BIG for that matter, there. So yeah, I can totally relate to it, as well as to the frustration of having to write a negative post about something you’re actually a fan of and enthusiastic about. I’m totally the same. And it’s sad that it’s really just the truth.

  • http://whatleydude.com James Whatley

    Interesting view points Micky. I won’t address them all in this response, save say that I’ll be looking to you when I put my thoughts together. A few of the things you mentioned I agree with (the Indic language thing particularly) but I don’t think the event was a complete wash out!

    In fact quite the opposite. More to come from me on this soon.

    Hope you got home safe

    J :)

  • Elris

    As Nokia said, Nokia is not Apple or Google. It’s not Microsoft eighter. There was not Steve Ballmer dancing monkey style at Nokia World. So what? The way they introduced new models and stuffs was just fine. Anyway, it’s a matter of personal taste. But what would you like? Should they start dancing and speaking like Americans? I respect people from US. But this is a Finnish company with Finnish style. And history teaches us that so far they have been amazingly successful with their style. Of course, there are many things to improve. They know how to work and what to improve. But I don’t think their way of speaking is among them.

    • MickyFin

      Thanks for your reply @Elris, and can see what your saying about the Finnish Culture, and the style Nokia have been doing things for years. I live in Finland, and have watched over the last few years that the playground has changed to a somewhat more competitive one, but Nokia is still being too modest, and in my opinion, they really need to step up and gear, and stop being so damn selfish.!

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  • http://www.intomobile.com Stefan Constantinescu

    I say the same thing and get called the antichrist. Don’t you just love the internet?

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