Life After Facebook

facebookIs there life after Facebook? It would appear so.

My first port of call, in extricating myself from Facebook was to remove the automatic log-in that exists on my laptop. Try it yourself. You will find it surprising how much of a nuisance you will find it, when you have to log-in to the site and so I have the ‘can’t be bothered’ attitude and I quickly move on to something else I had planned or something I would prefer to do.

Second, was to switch off alerts in my phone. I had my phone set-up for only private messages but the calendar was also alerting me of people’s birth dates and Facebook events which meant I used it as a short-cut to head to Facebook.

Once these factors were implemented, it was surprisingly easy to ‘forget’ that Facebook exists.

However, I guess anyone looking at my Facebook timeline would think I was still logging in on a regular basis but you would need to follow the status updates. This will tell you, for example, whether I were using third-party apps to update statuses or to upload or share images etc.

I have to say, that I do have more time on my hands. Not that my hands are idle, as there is surely always something to do in today’s world. But, the new practice does allow me time to do other things.

If you find yourself suffocated by Facebook, my method may be a way to claw back your freedom from at least one of your social networking sites.

I would guess that on average, I frequent Facebook around two to three times a week. This is a vast improvement of more than several times each day.

I cannot say that I really miss the interaction on Facebook as people can still private message me if they need to talk to me about something and so many of my friends exist in the real world of calls and text messages and exist, in addition, on other social platforms.

Perhaps, Facebook’s method of advertising and advertising and advertising and changing my sort preferences to its own, is having an effect on my habits.

I shall not even begin to tell you how I avoid some of Twitter’s ‘in your face’ advertising.

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