Is Nokia Ready: Windows Tablet for 2012

Rumours have been bouncing around about the possibility of a Nokia Windows Tablet by the end of 2012.

Nokia has made a successful entry into the Windows Phone market with the Lumia 800 and looks set to make a foothold in the U.S. if plans for the Lumia 900 proves a winning combination with the LTE network.

Nokia will not be so new to the tablet market having created the Nokia 3G Booklet in the past. While it did not do particularly well, because of the slow speeds and some of the specifications in comparison to the other netbooks that were around at the same time – Nokia will have learned from it.

Nokia is aware of taking its consumers for granted with lacklustre devices and has been accused of being slow to innovate but looks set to change all that with its collaboration with Microsoft.

The tablet market is getting incredibly dense with manufacturers producing several or more versions with tweaks to new editions. However, in the Tablet War with Apple – the consumer is lost. Some are aware of the Apple iPad and others assume all tablets are iPads. How will manufacturers change the ecosystem while they fail amongst themselves to make a high-enough distinguishing mark that makes their tablet stand out amongst the rest. This is a challenge that Nokia will need to overcome if it wishes to do more than dabble in the tablet market.

The Windows Phone operating system is presented as a simple UI with distinguished hubs aka tiles. It appears to be an easy way to navigate amongst applications with simple options to personalise the device for your use.

The Apple iOS has an application called Flipboard though it reminds me more of an interactive magazine. The magazine style of applications is all the ‘rage’ at the moment with lots of news readers and newspaper developers creating their application in the same way. Windows Phone hubs aka tiles act in the same way in that the tiles are interactive and so its UI could do well on a Windows Tablet. However, is it enough to pull users away from the iPad?

Nokia do have some wonderful apps such as Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive, Nokia Music and more. This is an area that they could build on as an avenue to success. Having those facilities built into a 10″ device would provide much more than other tablets who rely on third parties or are ‘always-on’ devices and not available for off-line use.

Nokia has a lot of assets and innovations that it could bring to a tablet but it must not make the mistake of running ahead of itself and producing something of low quality in its rush to get it to market, but should take its time to source out its capabilities carefully before stepping on to the first ‘rung’ of the Tablet ‘ladder’.


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