Introducing Oro A Prestige Gold Plated & Leather Bound Symbian Anna Nokia Device

Nokia today announced their latest new smartphone. The Nokia Oro, a pimped up version of the Nokia C7 that is a beautiful device as it is, but the Oro pushes beauty to the next level, and is 18k Gold Plated, and the back bound by Scottish leather, but that’s not all.

It’s also the first mobile device of it’s kind to feature a thumb friendly home button too, which is actually made from sapphire crystal.

The Nokia Oro is a device that’s clearly intended for someone who doesn’t want their mobile device to look the same as other people’s. The main markets for this sort of device are the Middle East and Russia, where they have been best-sellers for some time.

Nokia’s General Manager for Russia, Gabriel Speratti, told us that, “premium products like Nokia Oro have always been best sellers in Russia. We have a large number of users who are looking for products with a build quality and superior materials that attest to their success and social standing. In some areas, possession of such premium products is the passport to being taken seriously.”

The Nokia Oro comes with a stunning matching theme, and gold icons, which really do suit the black version in my eyes, it’s lovely. It’s also running the very latest Symbian Anna.

Nokia Oro will start selling in selected countries across the Europe, Eastern Europe, China and the Middle East in Q3 2011. Before local taxes and operator subsidies (neither of which you’re likely to be too concerned about if you’re a customer for this device), it will cost upwards of EUR 800.

For full details on the new Oro from Nokia, head over to Nokia Conversations, Nokia’s Official blog.


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  • Mauricio

    Good design, classic and innovative.I might buy it.

  • Norma Shoup

    I admire your web page , it has of lot of information. You simply got a perennial visitor of this site!