Hands on: Nokia Lumia 900 Black Cyan White And Now Magenta

The white Nokia Lumia 900 followed hot on the heals of the cyan and black. Both quickly sold out and are now being re-stocked. The cyan has been much in demand as is the black, but the cyan is so much more appealing as it stands out from the pack.

However, we are not unfamiliar with the colourings that Nokia have produced for the Lumia 900 as the Lumia 800 also came in black, cyan, magenta and white. The White Lumia 900 has recently gone on sale, and though much in demand, it seems to be quite scarce, though some customer have been lucky enough to find one and make their purchase.

However, if none of those colours suit you, then hang-on a little bit longer as it appears the magenta will soon be within your reach. The magenta showed up today on Nokia’s ‘Demo the Lumia’ page on Facebook. In the demo you a choice of phones to choose from and amongst the colours of black, cyan and white is the magenta.

Hopefully, this does mean that the magenta will be shipping soon, if not to the USA shores then may overseas when the device hits Europe.

I really cannot decide which is my favourite colour. In fact, I can decide. My favourites are all the colours. They need to be seen in person to appreciate them to the full. Note that the black and cyan have a matt look to their colours while the white is glossy in appearance and feel.

What colours is yours or which do you have your heart set upon?

Head on over to the Facebook page to take a turn at the demo of the windows phone in action.


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