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And so…

Prior to an awful week, I had been thinking long and hard about what new steps to make at this stage of my life and a few things have become abundantly clear. First, there is only one of me and second, I have been stretched far too thinly for everyone to appreciate what I may bring to the ‘party’.

And last but by no mean least, and this should be the most important thing – It is all about me, isn’t it? My happiness should come first!!!

With this in mind I have to say goodbye to two people very dear to me.

I have been admin over at since a day that I cannot remember and have been in this role now for more than 6 years and had been a regular member some 18 months prior to this. I have always been a geek so finding the Prodigits phone forum was like meeting my twin, someone who I could talk to and someone who enjoyed listening to me, a place to learn, a place to teach, a place to love and a place to cry.

However, it is now time to give that energy once fuelled by prodigits to burn forth with my own little ambitions. Some of you will already be aware of my personal website and my Nokia dedicated website

I have made some beautiful lifelong friends at prodigits and those of you (you know who you are) already have my private contact details. But do remember it takes two to keep in touch. Those of you who would like my details, and do not have it as yet, inbox me on or DM me on twitter at @dani2xll.

My second goodbye is to

Taimas, the then owner gave me the special privilege to join his hugely popular site as a writer. I grew as a struggling fledgling into a beautiful Swan. Perhaps, not quite the Swan. As in life, we are always growing and it is wrong to assume that we have ever completed our journey. There is always more to do, more to see and new learning curves to master.

However, after two years with Taimas, dailymobile has passed from one individual into the hands of a large company and I am afraid that I still mourn dailymobile of the past. At its head was Taimas, and it had a close-knit family community feel and one on which the forum and myself thrived. Taimas had faith in my ability and in what I could bring to dailymobile, but perhaps I saw things through rose-tinted glasses as the change of ownership was something I had not expected. And so… just as Taimas has moved on, so must I.

You can now find me thriving over at A site I own jointly with my business partner Nirave. There is so much to say about our new baby who recently had its First Birthday, that I cannot put it into words. It is best for you to take a look at what we have produced for yourselves. I hope you like it and we are always open for new writers, feedback or any help that you wish to give us.

Yours always and forever Dani (aka dani2xll)

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