Goodbye Nokia 808 PureView Our Time Was Short

nokia 808 pureview

The time has come to say goodbye to the Nokia 808 PureView.

I have had the luxurious PureView technology in my palm for approximately a week.

I have to say that I have enjoyed the experience.

Testing out the new technology and the options has given me a little bit more experience and initiative which I think will definitely rub off on to my learning curve with my DSLR. I have been wont to rely on the point and shoot automatic mode. However, the ease at which I was able to change the scenery, macro mode and video on the Nokia 808 makes me want to test out my DSLR in a bit more depth.

The Nokia 808 takes original images up to 38 megapixel in size. This was not a feature I tried out. I do not see a need for my purposes to produce 38 megapixel photographs and just thinking about the size of such an image is enough for me to give that option a pass. However, the option is available for those of you out there who will want and use it.

I have given the Nokia 808 a thorough work out when it comes to imaging and you can look forward to more than several hundred images in the next fortnight in the run-up to Nokia World.

Nokia World 2012 is scheduled for 5-6 September. We expect a lot of Nokia as we have been expected to, in the past. This year we look forward to the introduction of the PureView technology on to the Windows Phone 8 platform.

To-date, we have not seen leaks or images or what a Windows Phone 8 PureView will look like and so we are excited to say the least on what this design will entail.

So far in the Nokia 808 PureView story we have published:

Nokia 808 PureView Gallery

Nokia 808 PureView Eyes the Nokia 8800

Nokia 808 PureView as a Standalone Camera

The review of the Nokia 808 PureView is underway and you can expect more details on this in the very near future.

I would like to thank Nirave for facilitating and Paul at Nokia Connects for arranging a trial of the Nokia 808 PureView for me.

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