face2face – Nokia’s Answer to Apple’s FaceTime?

Ok, maybe the title got your attention, and that was my purpose. Having found myself using Apple’s FaceTime more and more these days, it saddens me that Nokia never really marketed video calls correctly, in fact, did they ever market video calls?

It’s been several years since Nokia started fitting the secondary camera to many Nokia devices, so where did Nokia go wrong? Lack of Marketing? Has to be!

FaceTime is an American term used when someone wants some FaceTime with someone, face2face, hence why I wish Nokia would create something to compete, and face2face as a start seems fitting to me.

If Nokia were to release a client that takes advantage of all those Nokia secondary cameras out there by using them in the same way Apple does, wifi only calls, Nokia would be onto a winner, no?

Ok, Nokia would not make any money from offering this service, as it would have to be free of course, but it should not be all about money, Nokia should certainly at least offer a service to not just compete with Apple’s FaceTime, but at the very least offer a similar service to the millions of Nokia customers. This is of course me thinking out loud, and sharing my thoughts with you all today.

What do you think of my thoughts on this subject? And before you answer, yes, I’m fully aware of the likes of Fring, and Skype offering this, but my thoughts are about Nokia offering their very own face2face service.


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