Day 1 With Nokia Push & Burton Snowboarding in Laax

After arriving in Laax last night after a couple of flights, and a shuttle to my apartment, I had no time to pack as I arrived mid evening time, but no problems. Matt from Nokia Push welcomed me there, and got a couple of beers in, and we sat down at our booked table, ready for some food.

We were then joined by the remaining members of Nokia Push and the Research & Development team that have been working so hard on these amazing sensor modules and tech. Let me tell you, the chemistry, passion and creativeness these guys have for what they do is nothing short of amazing, and it’s all these ingredients that make this project so much fun.

With any Alpha and Beta testing, such as this trip to Laax I will be covering, things can go wrong, and what I love about how the Nokia Push team work is, if and when something does go wrong, it’s a lesson learned, but at the same time, the guys crunch their code, and find a solution as a team.

This is the main important observation I noticed with the team, plus they are really nice guys too.Today i have been kitted out with a few of these sensors before strapping my feet to a snowboard and having some fun on the slopes, I will detail my experiences on the slopes in my next post here.

The sensors I wore today were one sensor in each boot, these are to collect downward force data from your heel, and toe pressure. I also had a sensor strapped to my left arm, this one was to collect data of my skin’s moisture, and much more.

Finally the final sensor I had to wear was a special body vest which was quite tight fitting, and it needed to be because in the chest of the vest there were sensors which collect a lot of data about my heart rate, but more importantly, where, and when my heart rate changed.

Stay tuned for more updates from the slopes!

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