Breaking: WhatsApp Nearing Release on BlackBerry 10

whatsappwhatsappBlackBerry 10 arrived to the world on 30 January 2013, however, the native WhatsApp was missing from the first device released, the BlackBerry Z10.

However, the BlackBerry community have been hard at work to bring WhatsApp to the newest operating system. The new OpenWhatsapp client will bring BlackBerry Z10 users the WhatsApp they have been waiting for.

At a time when phones are being released almost daily from different operators, it has come to the point that customers are savvy enough that they will no longer jump ship to a new platform which does not carry all their favourite apps.

OpenWhatsapp  allows communication via texts, chats, files, images and more across the majority of platforms including Windows Phone, Android OS, Apple OS and BlackBerry 7 devices. The service was sadly lacking from the BlackBerry 10 OS but this has now been remedied. Furthermore, OpenWhatsapp brings extra features beyond that which WhatsApp offers including invisibility and profile pictures’ albums.

whatsappOpenWhatsapp has already been submitted to BlackBerry World so we can expect to see it appear very soon.

OpenWhatsapp is written in python. The Nokia N9 suffered a similar fate lacking WhatsApp when the company announced that they would not support the platform. This was remedied by WazApp.

Companies such as WhatsApp can grow very quickly and this method of picking and choosing what platform to build for, can become confusing when it would appear that some apps can be quickly converted to work on other platforms. As we have seen here, where the ‘will’ is lacking in the official circle to bring WhatsApp to the community, there are developers who will work hard to make sure that we can all avail ourselves of an app on the platform we wish.

OpenWhatsapp is the first to bring the complete WhatsApp experience to the BlackBerry 10 community.

“The difference in name to WazApp on the Nokia N9 is to clarify the difference in the applications and to better reflect the open source position of the application and the OpenWhatsapp project which is to be officially recognised, approved and supported by WhatsApp.”

For further information on Openwhatapp head to: Contact: Tarek Galal [email protected]


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