Blogo The Mac OS X Blogging Desktop Client from Drinkbrainjuice is No More?

Yesterday, writing a blog post offline via Blogo, I noticed that the "Post" button was greyed out in both the writing window, and the preview. I also noticed that a few connection errors appeared saying I had no Internet connection when in actual fact i was connected.  I started by heading to drinkbrainjuice to check their support pages to see if there were any known issues, and it turns out that their site no longer exists anymore, which I would assume that the company has either folded, or are experiencing some serious technical difficulties.

Do you have Blogo installed on your Mac? Looks like its time to find an alternative Desktop blogging client.  I’m writing this entry via Qumana.

Its a shame, as Blogo was the best Mac blogging desktop solution out there, with integration with twitter, and easy image embedding with their own Bookmarklet.

If you know anything about Blogo, and why its vanished off the face of the earth, please let me know in the comments below, thanks!

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